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Zomato ‘happy rider’ is winning the internet

Zomato India Twitter account changed its profile picture to a screenshot from a video going viral online. It tweeted that their account would now serve as a fan account for “happy rider”.

This “happy rider” refers to to a cheerful delivery executive for the company – identified as Sonu – whose video is currently going viral online. The video was first shared on TikTok by user ‘@danishansari81′, and has since made its way to other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

It is the delivery executive’s positive and upbeat attitude in the video, as well as his winning smile, that many have found endearing.

In the video, he reveals that he works for 12 hours a day only to earn Rs 350, including incentives.

When asked if he gets to eat any food to eat from the company, he offers a cheeky smile and says, “Yes, when a customer’s order is cancelled.”

Probed further about whether he pinches food from customers’ orders, the rider says no. He then answers some more questions about life as a Zomato rider, saying that the company pays him on time and he has no problem with them.

Throughout the nearly one-minute-long video, a big smile remains intact on his face. Watch the viral video below:

Since Zomato shared the video users urged the firm to raise the salary of their delivery executives.