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Youtuber Jake Paul snapped driving on protected turtle beach in Puerto Rico, probe launched

YouTuber Jake Paul is being investigated after posting a video on social media apparently showing him driving around a protected beach in Puerto Rico.

Driving is illegal on some of the island’s beaches, as turtles nest in the sand.

The local Department of Natural and Environmental Resources said it would investigate whether the law had been broken.

The Instagram video showed Paul and a group of people driving around in two vehicles on a beach. The post now been removed.

The video was widely shared online and many criticised the Youtuber-turned-boxer for putting the reptiles at risk, saying eggs could be crushed by the vehicles.

Turtle nesting and hatching season is between February and August in Puerto Rico and its beaches attract several protected species, including the endangered leatherback.

Paul’s brother, Logan who is also a boxer and YouTuber, recently moved to Puerto Rico but is not pictured in the videos.

“I have ordered an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the use of two motor vehicles on beaches that are presumed to be in Puerto Rico,” Environment Secretary Rafael Machargo said.

“Some media have published a video of the influencer Jake Paul in a motor vehicle on the beach, an activity that is prohibited.”

The laws existed to “protect the environment and the species that can nest or live on the beaches”, he said.

“Those who violate the law face fines and other penalties, if applicable,” Mr Machargo said.

And he applauded citizens who “become eyes and spokespersons for the possible environmental damage that some people cause due to ignorance or unscrupulousness”.