YouTuber eats 14-month-old burger to prove he can eat anything under the Sun

Matt Nadin, a YouTuber ate a year-old McDonald meal to prove that he actually can eat everything under the sun.

The man from Yorkshire decided to take the ‘McDonald’s 365 challenge’ on his 40th birthday. Now the video of him eating the 14-month old food is going viral online.

Cut to a year later. Matt was supposed to dig up the meal before his 40th birthday in November 2019, but could not for some reason. When he finally did, two more months had passed.

After retrieving the fermented McDonald’s meal, both Matt and Andy went to the same outlet from where they purchased the meal.

In his bid to prove his talent of eating spoilt food without throwing up, Matt then begins savouring the fungi-infested meal.

The sales manager and father of three gags up multiple times while eating the gone-off food items but bravely finishes off everything on his plate.

Other than experiencing second-hand gags, viewers also praised Matt for his effort.

One YouTube user commented, “There’s no way I could eat that.” Another said, “I am both impressed and disgusted at the same time.” The user also wished the YouTuber happy birthday.

Several patted Matt’s back for keeping it all in and not throwing up.