YouTuber 3D prints ‘World’s Smallest iMac’

Michael Pick, a YouTuber and an engineer developed the iMac equal to the size of a drink can.

It is a 3D-printed iMac consisting of a Raspberry Pi and a standard 7-inch aftermarket screen. Placed altogether, the set-up costs him less than a Lightning cable.

The video was shared on his YouTube channel.

The introduction of his device on Pick’s YouTube channel reads, “World’s smallest iMac build! In this build, I design, and 3D print a miniature imac. I begin by gently modifying/cutting a Raspberry Pi 4 with my Dremel to fit inside my ultra-slim iMac case”.

To complete it all, he painted, primed, and assembled the tiniest iMac. He also benchmarked it by playing Minecraft.