YouTube pranksters create ‘world’s worst Airbnb’ and still manage to get bookings, make profit

Three YouTube pranksters create ‘world’s worst Airbnb’ and were shocked to see the number of bookings they received.

Rhys Simmons, Jamie Kamaz and Hitchin are friends who together run the YouTube channel ‘Passion Squad’. They pull stunts, gags and pranks.

In their latest prank, the three friends created an Airbnb listing of sorts by putting a mattress in a field outside London. The mattress in the middle of a field also comes with a bedside table, two glasses of water and a lamp not plugged into anything.

The entire setup rests underneath a tree to protect people from the unpredictable English weather.

“In this weeks video we got a burst of motivation to create our own living space. With us searching and browsing the internet we came across the Null Stern Hotel which is located in Switzerland and is known for its unique outdoor aesthetic,” Passion Squad wrote while sharing a video of their Airbnb.

“This was perfect for us to re create with out budget and skills, we got on Facebook market place and gathered all the free furniture that we could find which reassembled the Null hotel as best as possible.

“However, to our surprise what we thought could be the best Airbnb quickly took a turn for the worst and has now become what easily is one of the WORST airbnb’s we have ever come across in the UK.”

YouTubers were surprised to see that their bizarre listing generated quite a bit of interest after it was uploaded on Airbnb’s website.

They say they could have made a profit if they actually allowed people to book the ‘property’.