“Your reclining seat is not a sleeper berth,” Ministry tells flyers

Days after a viral video of an American Airlines passenger punching the reclining seat of a woman sitting in front of him left the internet divided on whether to recline or not to recline, the government has put out what it calls “etiquette of flying”.

“A little bit of basic good manners and respect are always worth a thumbs up. Your seat is not a sleeper berth. Don’t be inconsiderate of other people’s space,” the Civil Aviation Ministry tweeted on Saturday, with an illustration of a reclined seat on a flight.

The ministry further advises passengers, “With the limited space you have, if you must recline, do it carefully. Always think about the people around you because no one wants your head in their laps.”

While many argued that recliner seats are indeed meant to be reclined, some others wanted airlines to increase the legroom.

In a recent video, an angry man can be seen continuously punching the reclined seat of a woman in front of him. “I’ve decided to share my assault, from the passenger behind me, and the further threats, from an American Airline flight attendant. She offered him a complimentary cocktail,” the woman tweeted.

Similar incidents of battle for legroom on flights has initiated debates on whether it’s up to airlines to make more space between seats or if it’s up to flyers to make adjustments.