TPE Exclusive

Yemen Crisis: children caught in war

The 4 year old civil war in Yemen left has left behind 83,000 people dead during the course of the war which began in 2015. It is also witnessing the worst famine outbreaks in history.

Save the Children’s foundation reports says that 85,000 malnourished children died between 2015 and 2018. The foundation calls it ‘the world’s worst humanitarian emergency’.

The ongoing civil war is widening poverty, thousands and millions of childrens have no access to health care, food, education and basic services.

About two third of the Yeminis population, that is 20 million people are food insecure. Among them 10 million are severely food insecure, two million children are acutely malnourished. And close to 16 million people lack basic healthcare, an estimated 3600 health facilities are partially running.

Medical emergency is dealing with the worst cholera epidemic ever, this has affected over 1,200,000 people . The war forced 3 million people to flee away from their homes, and 2.5 million displaced.

Save the Children says 75 percent of the schools in Yemen have been destroyed. Emergency education facilities have been set up to educate the children about the dangers of landmines and unexploded ammunition.

Nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Russia and United States have been a part of proxy wars in Africa and the middle east. Yemen and Syria are examples of battlegrounds abroad for these nations. As the world transactions depend on these rich powerful nations, the global community have silently ignored the Yemen crisis.