Yellow Vests Protests Spreads Among Nations

France is witnessing a mega “Yellow Vests” protests since mid-november. The demonstrations are against the Government on fuel tax. On Saturday the protests continued, Officers fired rubber bullets and hundreds of canisters of tear gas. 

Close to 200 people were injured on Saturday, the French police detained  1500 people and held them for questioning. Protestors demanded President Macron’s resignation. Tyres were burnt and vehicles were torched. 

The French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has assured and suspended the fuel hike for six months. The protestors however have demanded for a reductions in fuel taxes, the reintroduction of the solidarity tax on wealth, the raising of the minimum wage, and the resignation of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

The Protests have spread to neighbouring European countries Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.  In Belgium protesorts blocked entry points to Russian oil companies, Germany and Dutch protested hike in fuel prices. Middle East Iraq, protestors wore the iconic yellow vests and demanded better job opportunities,  the police fired live ammunition. 

Dutch inspired by ‘Yellow Vests’ protests

President Trump claimed the protests were because of the Eco-tax signed in the Paris Climate Deal in 2015, and feels vindicated after he pulled out.