Yellow Vests Protests Return To Burn, Loot Luxury Stores And Restaurants In Paris

Yellow vests protests returned to the streets of Paris in France, rioters torched luxury handbag stores and vandalised upscale restaurants. Close to 35,000 people took part in Saturday’s protests.

Protestors used cobblestones to attack the police, in return the police used tear gas shells to disperse the mobs, and arrested close to 120 protestors.

Demonstrators tourced luxury handbag store, upscale restaurant, bank, apartment building and a car.

Yellow Vests Protests 16-3-2019

Yellow vests (in French gilets jaunes) protests started four months ago to protests against fuel tax rises but since then have broadened their revolt.

The French President Emmanuel Macron offered concessions to protesters after the movement broke out. A dedicated US$ 11 billion was allocated to boost incomes of the poorest workers and pensioners. Macron has toured France talking to citizens, politicians as part of the ‘Grand Debate’.

There have close to 8,253 local meetings in this regard.

Most of the meetings were to generate ideas, and give a voice to the voiceless. However none of the meetings resulted in an actual solution to contain the protests.

Yellow Vests Protests 16-3-2019

In the recent past, these yellow vests protests have been attacked for anti-semitic activities.