WWE Superstar Zelina Vega falls prey to online theft, loses $1300 through an online portal Wise

Former WWE Superstar Zelina Vega lost around $1300 through an online portal Wise. This platform is an online mode of sending money abroad.

In a tweet the wrestling star said the person who has stolen the money is from Kenya. Her tweet read, “So, Wise allowed someone in Kenya to steal over $1300 from me”.

Many of her fans reacted to the post saying that they will never trust Wise, while some were of the opinion that Wise is actually a very un-wise platform.

Wise also reacted to Zelina’s tweet by apologising for the inconvenience caused. The team has also mentioned that they have asked for some details on her direct messages. A part of the team’s post read, “We’re sorry to hear this happened. We’ll do our best to help you out. Can you please check your private messages?”

Since then, the wrestler has not given an update regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, ever since she has been off WWE, Zelina has been focusing on her YouTube channel and Twitch streams. She is an avid gamer and the majority of her latest social media posts are around the games that she is either playing or is interested in playing.

The wrestler turned gamer’s latest content usually revolves around popular games like Among Us and Mortal Kombat.