WWDC 2019: Apple unveiled the iOS 13 and it’s features

Apple on Monday unveiled iOS 13, the software that is used in their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. The most interesting part about the iOS 13, was that Apple have focussed on the dark mode — a feature that people would like to use it in dimly lit environment.

Dark mode favor lighter text on dark backgrounds, and are said to be easier on the eyes when looking at a screen. However, many apps already had this feature individually.

The iOS 13 brings a face lift to common applications such as mail, notes and reminder apps. Mail is adding more fonts and formatting options, Notes has a new look, and the Reminders app has been beefed up with a number of new features, including tagging people and making smarter to-dos.

Another feature of the iOS 13 was that you’ll be able to share your name and your photo in Messages. It’s adding more personalization options for its “memojis,” including makeup, piercings, more teeth options like gaps and grills, earrings, additional hair options, hats and glasses. The avatars will work on more devices, Mail, and even some third-party messaging apps like WeChat.

Apple have also introduced the swipe keyboard, which will enable users to move away from third party applications. Apple calls it QuickPath Typing.

Apple finally gave a name to the iPad operating system, iPadOS. The new iPadOS is the child of the iOS 13 family, and having most of features similar that are under the umbrella of the iOS.

The iPadOS has a new look, the home screen features a tighter grid of icons and the ability to pin widgets, such as the weather or a calendar alert, to the screen. It leans into multitasking, as Apple continues to push the iPad as a work device. You can enable a split view within one app or have docs next to each other, and, using a three-finger swipe, can undo something on screen.

The iOS update will also impact Apple’s AirPods, which will be able to read your incoming email to you in Siri’s voice, and let you share audio from your AirPods. The new feature, called AirPods Audio Sharing, will supposedly let you bring your AirPods close to someone else’s and  with permission by tapping a button to start listening to what they’re rocking out to. Siri will support live radio with third-party services like IHeartRadio.

Apple has brought a number of new tools to the Apple Watch as part of watchOS 6, many of which will help the watch run more independently of the iPhone. The Watch will have its own App Store, a calculator with tip tools, an audiobooks app, and Apple’s Voice Memos app, for more subtly recording audio (check local laws). It’s also adding a pair of new health tools. Cycle Tracker adds tools for tracking periods and fertility, tools that are also being added to the iOS Health app. A new Noise app uses the built-in microphone to measure environmental sound and warn you when the decibels are too high and could hurt your hearing. Apple says it does this by sampling audio and does not record anything.

Apple would be launching its own login platform called Sign in with Apple, which will let you log in to outside apps with FaceID. It has the option to hide your real email address and instead give each app a randomly generated email address.

Other privacy updates include a new option to limit how much tracking information third-party apps can collect. Now you can choose to allow an app to get location information just once, as well as receive reports on background tracking. Apple is also blocking the ability for outside apps to sneakily gather location information via your Wifi and Bluetooth connections.

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