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Wuhan throws massive Strawberry Music Festival as the world battles mutant COVID strains

Thousands of people attended the Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival over the weekend.

The festival was making a return in Wuhan after it was forced to be online only last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A representative for the organisers said that numbers were being restricted this year, adding that around 11,000 people were there on Saturday.

Barriers were set up in front of each stage and security personnel restricted numbers in those areas. Some spectators wore masks, but many did not.

People in Wuhan, where COVID-19 first emerged, lived through more than two months of stringent restrictions during the world’s first coronavirus-induced lockdown. Since then the city has been almost completely virus-free, according to authorities.

The event of Saturday and Sunday brought together well-known and not so well-known domestic singers and bands across three stages in Wuhan’s Garden Expo park. Sister “Strawberry Music Festival” events are being held in other cities, including Beijing, during the national holiday. Attendees came to Wuhan from all over the country.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in mainland China stands at 90,671, while the death toll remains unchanged at 4,636, many of whom were Wuhan residents.

According to China’s National Health Commission more than 265 million people were administered vaccinations.