Wuhan dog waits for four days on bridge after owner committed suicide

A dog waited on a bridge for four days after its owner committed suicide by jumping into the river.

The incident took place in Wuhan, China, reported Daily Mail. Heart-breaking pictures have gone viral on the internet. The photographs show the loyal dog waiting on the pavement of Yangtze Bridge for its owner.

The report that said a local resident famous by his surname Xu spotted the canine on the bridge and tried to adopt the dog. However, the feline ran away.

Director of Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association Du Fan told Daily Mail that the pet followed its owner to the Yangtze Bridge on the evening of May 30. The surveillance footage has been checked but nothing concrete has come out yet.

Du said his volunteers have started tracking down the animal’s whereabouts.

A similar incident took place two years back, when a dog waited for more than 80 days on a road where its owner died. The incident took place in Inner Mongolia, Chinese autonomous region. Many taxi drivers tried to help but the dog, but it ended up running away, reported BBC.