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World’s largest Rolex sets sets Guinness world record and it isn’t a watch

The world’s largest rolex weighs 204.6kg and is 2.32 metre long.

If you’re struggling to imagine how that could fit on your wrist then forget the Swiss watch brand and think East African street food.

As Ugandans have been known to say: “We don’t wear Rolex, we eat them.” Rolex – the snack is a shortening of “rolled eggs”.

The popular dish, found at road-side stalls throughout the country, is made from a vegetable omelette with added tomatoes wrapped up in a chapati.

It has already achieved some notoriety beyond Uganda but recently Guinness World Records certified the world’s largest rolex.

The ingredients that went into the hefty dish included 1,200 eggs, 90kg of vegetables, 72kg of flour and 40kg of cooking oil.

It took a team of 60 people to get it ready.

Ugandan YouTuber Raymond Kahuma mobilised the chefs and bakers who spent 14 hours mixing, kneading, chopping and frying the ingredients in a temporary outdoor kitchen in the east of the capital, Kampala.

The challenge involved physics as well as cooking skills. Moving the dough to the frying plate without it breaking apart proved tricky, as well as getting it onto a weighing machine.

“Raymond and his team had been working for months on the preparation of the record to make sure everything went smoothly on the day,” Guinness World Records said.

It is believed that the rolex delicacy was first popularised by a food vendor who sold it to hungry students from Kampala’s famous Makerere University. The dish then spread to other towns.

The snack is now regarded by Ugandans as a favourite fast food in a country where parking spaces and roadsides are routinely turned into food stalls in the evenings.

The sight of people crowded around charcoal stoves perched on wooden stools, chatting as they wait for their rolex orders to be prepared is ubiquitous.