World’s Biggest Nutella Factory Shutdown Over Quality Defect

The makers of Nutella, a popular chocolate hazelnut spread shut down its biggest factory in France because of a quality issue.

The production factory in Villers-Ecalles, France, halted earlier this week after a quality defect was detected in semifinished products. The company did not reveal the kind of quality defect.

The manufacturer Ferrero in a statement said, “this defect does not correspond to a quality standards, so we decided to temporarily suspend the activity of the factory.”

“This measure, taken in the name of precautionary principle, will enable us to carry out further investigation,” the statement added.

The company however maintained that the supply of Nutella to customers would continue uninterrupted.

Nutella was first created after the Second World War. The spread since then has become extremely popular across the world. A year ago French grocery chains announced 70% discount and this created a riot like situation.

In 2017, fans were outraged over social media after they got to know that the recipe for the spread was changed.