Woman tied to seat after she repeatedly took off her clothes mid-flight

In a bizarre incident a woman was tied to her seat by airline staff after she repeatedly took off her clothes mid-flight.

The 39-year-old female passenger on a Russian flight had to be tied down with a rope and tape as she started wandering aimlessly around the cabin as soon as the plane took off.

It is believed that the woman was under the influence of drugs which caused the chaos.

Fifteen minutes after the departure of the flight from Vladivostok, the woman got up from her seat and started walking around the cabin. After that, the woman started taking off her clothes and putting them on again. The woman seemed to be disoriented as she ignored the repeated orders of the cabin crew, the Daily Mail reported.

After multiple requests the flight attendants and some of the other passengers teamed up and decided to tie up the woman to her seat after fearing for her own safety as well as the comfort of other passengers.

A rope, seat belt and sticky tape was used to stop the woman from causing any harm to herself and other passengers as she was tied to her seat for the rest of the flight.

The plane was headed to Tolmachevo airport in Novosibirsk, Siberia, where the woman was taken away and arrested when the plane reached its destination safely.

Russia’s interior ministry shared that the woman was taken for a medical examination to find out exactly how intoxicated she was.