Woman throws party for “finally” being free from marriage

A 43-year-old woman threw herself a divorce party for being “finally” free from her marriage.

Sonia Gupta organized a colourful party at her UK residence and invited her family and friends to celebrate the official end to her 17-year long marriage.

Pictures showed the woman wearing a ‘Finally divorced’ satin sash. Sonia said she has asked her guests to dress in their loudest and most vibrant outfits.

She wanted the theme of the party to match her personality. Sonia described herself as very colourful and loud, and how her marriage was in total contrast with her bubbly personality. She mentioned that her marriage has made her dull and from the beginning, she knew that they were not a good match for each other.

Sonia got married in 2003 in India, but after a few years, she realized that she was not happy and despite that, she tried to make things work for years.

Speaking about the divorce Sonia said, “When I told my family about my decision, there was no support from my family, but my friends and my two pillars of strength, my sons Mikhal and Shay, were there to support my journey.”

The divorce party she organized was to show her parents, who eventually supported her decision, that she has come out successfully on the other side.

The divorce process began in 2018, but it dragged on for three years. Finally, after many discussions, court appearances, trials, and disagreements, the divorce was finalized and her marriage officially ended.

“People usually believe there’s no life after divorce, and your life ends after that. But actually, mine has just started. I’ve learned so much in these years and have become a much stronger person. I always wanted the old me back. I feel free like I’ve managed to get out of prison and now I am truly living my best life,” she said.