Couple and two men thrashed by “Ram Sena” members over beef rumours

A couple and two men were beaten up in public by vigilante group called “Ram Sena” in full public view in Madhya Pradesh. The group alleged that they carried beef in an autorickshaw, the entire assault was captured in mobile camera.

The video that has gone viral on social media shows a woman being hit repeatedly with a slipper on her head, covered with a piece of cloth, as she curled up on the gravel and took the blows in silence from the attacker who was heard yelling at her, “Jai Shri Ram”. The three men were also tied to a tree one by one and thrashed by the goon group.

The police said that five people were arrested from Seoni city, 350 kilometers from state capital Bhopal. “The video is four days old and four people have been arrested. They have been sent to jail by a local court. One more accused has been arrested. He will appear in court today,” police officer Lalit Shakyavar said.

One of the accused who led the assault calls himself a member of “Ram Sena” uploaded a video on his social media account on the 23rd of May, but later deleted it. There is also a picture of him standing next to BJP parliamentarian and Malegaon blasts accused Pragya Thakur.

The incident is believed to have occurred on the 22nd of May, when the three men and the woman were travelling in an autorickshaw when they were intercepted by the group of vigilantes, who accused them of carrying beef. The group held the passengers to hostage and interrogated them. They later tied them to poles, tress and struck them with sticks.

People began to accumulate at the site, and none called for the police to intervene.

The samples of the meat were taken for forensic analysis to a laboratory in Hyderabad.

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