Woman suffers panic attacks after spending thousands on tests on farting pet dog before finding it was her husband

A weird story about a woman’s plight has been doing the rounds on social media.

The woman was told by her husband that the stinky farts that they have been smelling in their house for over a month were coming from their pet dog, Jerry.

Worried over Jerry’s condition, the woman took the canine to multiple visits to the vet, she finally found out that all along it was her husband responsible for the stink.

The woman has shared her story in a group on Reddit (r/AmItheAsshole) asking the members whether she was right in demanding her husband to pay the entire vet bill from his personal savings.

Detailing the incident, the woman wrote that the first time she smelled the foul smell was over a month back when the entire family were having dinner.

The smell was so “intense” that the woman had to step out of the room for the time being.

Later that night, her partner said that it was Jerry who had farted. As she is pregnant, she has heightened sense of smell.

“The smell was UNBELIEVABLE. It honestly smelled a little like rotten eggs. I thought it was a one off because the dog does fart (as do we) but it’s never been this bad. Over the next week, the smell would come again and again at random times,” she added.

Worried for Jerry’s health, a vet was consulted who recommended a diet change but the stink continued.

All of these for five weeks deeply troubled the lady and led her to have a panic attack. It was only when she was having a meltdown that her husband confessed that he was the one farting all along and not Jerry.

After the revelation the woman kicked her husband out of the house. But after her anger cooled the woman let him back in.

On visiting the doctor, the husband was also asked to change his diet.

The woman in the reddit post has asked for suggestions if her husband should ‘pay all the vet bills because he blamed his stinky farts on the dog and caused unnecessary stress’.