Woman sues travel company after falling off camel during a tour

A woman from New Jersey filed a case against travel website after a camel dropped her to the ground in Morocco.

Breanne Ayala, 24, filed the lawsuit against TripAdvisor and its subsidiary Viator.

In the lawsuit, Breanne stated that she was not briefed about the important safety measures that were to be taken during the ride.

The case was filed in the Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts.

The lawsuit further added that Breanne was told by a dandler that the camel she was riding was one month due for delivery.

Later, the pregnant camel left the caravan mid-way and ran off. Breanne fell and broke her arm, the lawsuit stated.

Breanne had to undergo surgery and was hospitalised for two days.

“What was supposed to happen didn’t happen, and I don’t think you can say, ‘It’s at your own risk, too bad,” Breanne’s attorney Andrew Abraham said.

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