Woman sues man who shot her four times for removing Nazi flags from his home

A woman in Oklahoma is suing an Air Force veteran for ‘reckless disregard’ and ‘negligence’ after he fired shots when she removed Nazi flags from his home.

Kyndal McVey who was 26 at the time of the incident is now suing 45-year-old Alexander Feaster for USD $75,000 citing medical expenses, the pain and suffering he caused and any physical or mental damage that could lead to death and her lost time.

The veteran has been charged with shooting with the intent to kill and assault with a deadly weapon. Alexander is on bail against a sum of USD $75,000.

Reportedly, Kyndal was at a friend’s party when she was given the dare to remove a Nazi flag which was outside Alexander’s home. Kyndal went there to grab one of the two flags and started running back. That is when the dare turned out to be dangerous as Alexander fired gunshots at her with his semi-automatic rifle.

As per reports during the incident in June 2020, Kyndal was found by the police in a ditch and she had four gunshot wounds. She was fortunately able to survive but had to undergo several surgeries after the attack.

Alexander’s lawyer in court argued that he afraid of danger, alone, isolated, acted in self-defence and also thought that the guests at the party where Kyndal was also present were armed.

After defending his actions, Alexander’s attorney accused Kyndal of violating Oklahoma’s anti-terrorism act, hate crimes, violation of public intoxication, larceny and trespassing. However, Kyndal has not been charged with any of these crimes.