Woman storms Church ceremony to stop her husband from wedding again

A woman in Zambia stormed the wedding ceremony of her husband demanding to stop the rituals as they were still not divorced.

“This man is my husband. We haven’t divorced, we never quarrelled… I don’t know what is happening here. This wedding can’t go on. We have not divorced,” the woman can be heard saying in a video shared by The Daily Mail

The woman’s claim left the people attending the ceremony shocked. It turned out that the groom, identified as Abraham Muyunda, had allegedly told his wife that he was going to town for some work. But in reality, he was away getting married to another woman.

The woman got to know about her husband’s wedding plans from her neighbours after which she rushed to the venue to stop the wedding. From the footage, it looks like she is also carrying a baby in a papoose strapped to her back. If the local media reports are to be believed, the wedding ceremony was taking place in a Roman Catholic church in Chainda.

The man was later taken to the police station and could face charges of bigamy. The to-be bride was aware of the fact that Abraham was already married. As per the United Nations, there are two systems of marriage in Zambia. The first one is based on customary law and the second one is based on modern statute law.

The second type of the wedding does not permit polygamy, and anyone who tries to violate this is liable to prosecution.