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Woman stirs controversy after filming crocodile eating baby shark she just fished

A woman who filmed a crocodile eating a baby shark in Cardwell, north of Townsville, Australia has stirred a controversy on social media.

According to the narration of the video the woman named Yvonne Palmer caught a baby shark while fishing, when she was going to return the shark to its home but had to back away as she saw a massive saltwater crocodile approaching towards her.

The woman receding to save herself first, but in the process she abandoned the baby shark left abandoned n the beach. Then the crocodile walks on all four feet towards the struggling shark infant. Before you know it, the croc has the baby in its mouth and is receding in the water.

“I can see like four metres (the crocodile length) and it’s still got tail in the water! That is the biggest crocodile I’ve ever seen,” the woman continues behind the camera. He comes back and eats the second shark. The woman later tells the man beside her to never ask her to get into the water to catch his fish ever again.

A user noted, “Good thing they didn’t have a small dog with them,” while another smelled something fishy and said, “Cruel video. She baited that croc with live beached pups. Completely sick.”

However, a friend of the family came to Palmer’s defence and said they are extremely good people and these people would never do such a thing. The family friends also asked the keyboard warriors to stop commenting in a harsh manner.

In the wake of this viral video Australian authorities released a notification reminding people that croc-feeding is banned.