Woman spotted stealing bauble decorations from Christmas trees

The CCTV footage captured a woman sneakily pulling off baubles from a beautifully decorated tree in the town square in Ryde, Isle of Wight.

The tree was decorated by school children who made the ornaments themselves.

A blond-haired woman dressed fully in black, can be seen inhumanely pulling off the decorations from the tree. In the process, she even ended up damaging many of them which were made by the children.

“At 7.13 am on Tuesday police received a report of an incident which is reported to have taken place on the evening of December 1. Christmas decorations were removed from a tree in St Thomas’ Square, Ryde,” a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson further added that they are yet to make an arrest.

Year One pupils at Greenmount Primary School put in the effort to accentuate the festive feels and hand made all the ornaments. As per the report, a Council spokesman of Ryde Town called the act as ‘mindless’ after the decorations were damaged and stolen.

“The Town Council is very grateful to the young people from Greenmount and Network Ryde for all the care and effort they put into making the decorations. It is such a disappointment that their hard work was disrespected by such a mindless act,” they said.