Woman smashes hundreds of alcohol bottles worth thousands of pounds at England supermarket store

A woman smashed hundreds of alcohol bottles at a store in a supermarket in England. The destroyed bottles were reportedly worth thousands of pounds.

The incident occurred in the county of Hertfordshire in Stevenage town. The woman was arrested by the police afterwards.

A viral video on the internet shows the woman smashing the bottles while standing next to the debris of all the broken bottles. The woman is wearing a hoodie and brown coloured pants.

The staff of the store were too scared to approach the woman who was breaking the alcohol bottles.

Towards the end of the video, we can see an officer pulling away the woman from the shelves and walking her out of the section towards the exit door. He is seen taking her out carefully because of the broken glasses on the ground.

The supermarket store spokesperson refused to comment on the matter while the police investigation is ongoing. Hertfordshire police informed that a call was made from the Aldi store to the police at 2:30 pm.

The person from the store informed the police that a woman is throwing alcohol bottles on the floor, smashing them.

As per them, the woman was arrested and was taken to the hospital for treatment of the injuries on her hand. Police have taken her into custody.