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Woman shoots boyfriend in face after he tried to teach her how to use a gun

Police say a 30-year-old man had to drive himself to the hospital after being shot in the face while he struggled with his girlfriend over a gun.

Toledo police report stated that Christopher Antron Scott Jr. was trying to show his girlfriend, 36-year-old Anna Sigarroa, how to use a handgun while at home.

The report states Sigarroa had recently purchased the firearm.

Sigarroa told police she wanted Scott to put the weapon down because he wasn’t allowed to be around guns due to a prior felony conviction.

When Scott refused, police said Sigarroa tried to take the gun away, and the struggle led to the gun going off and Scott being shot in the mouth.

Sigarroa was booked into Lucas County Jail and was charged with felonious assault.