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Woman receives Apple flavoured drink instead of Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max ordered online

A woman in China ordered an Apple iPhone but ended up receiving an apple-flavoured drink instead.

The Shanghai woman with surname Liu reportedly received a bottle of apple-flavoured yogurt drink inside the box of an iPhone 12 Pro Max (256 GB) which she had ordered online.

Liu had paid USD $1,500 for the Apple product.

While such incidents are common while ordering from third party websites, this rather shocking because Lui made the purchase directly though Apple’s official website.

An angry Liu went on to relay the incident on the Chinese social media site Weibo sparking a heated discussion.

Since both Apple and Express Mail Service, the courier service company responsible for delivering the order, have stated that they are investigating the matter.

According to Global Times, the woman did not have the package delivered directly to her but instead had it delivered to a storage unit.

The local police during their investigation arrested 31-year-old criminal suspect surnamed Long. Long confessed that he took advantages of transporting cargo. Long said he opened the parcel that was shipped to recipient Liu, stole the iPhone handset and replaced it with a box of yogurt.

The theft of iPhones is a fairly common incident. In November 2017, robbers hijacked a UPS truck full of iPhone X handsets worth $370,000 while it was on its way to an Apple Store in San Francisco.