Woman parades frozen lamb in supermarket to protest animal cruelty, promote veganism

A vegan woman paraded the body of a frozen dead lamb in a trolley inside a Coles supermarket to protest against the rise in animal cruelty.

The protester reportedly went into a restaurant and splattered fake blood all over the place only a few days ago.

Tash Peterson, the protestor strolled into a KFC restaurant in Melbourne with a white apron, spraying fake blood all over the floor while using a megaphone.

She even released a 15-minute video of the stunt, in which she and other protesters are seen coming into the restaurant with banners.

Peterson this time pushed the boundary to an all new level by placing a dead lamb on a shopping cart and pushing it throughout the store.

Peterson, like her KFC stunt, was clad in a butcher apron smeared with synthetic blood. She went confidently into the store with a megaphone in her hand, passing through the meat aisle with a few other demonstrators.

She then threw a dead lamb into a shopping cart in an attempt to scare onlookers.

“This beautiful, innocent baby was found frozen to death on a slave property just outside of Melbourne (meat farm). Every year, 15 million lambs freeze to death in Australia as a result of these concentration camps,” Peterson posted a video on social media.

The primary aim of the graphic stunt was to educate shoppers about their food choices.

Last month, Peterson was banned from every pub in Western Australia after ambushing diners at a seafood restaurant and publicly chastising them about the ‘fish holocaust’.