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Woman opens emergency exit to walk on aircraft wing to breathe some fresh air

A Ukraine International Airlines passenger who complained about the heat “opened the emergency exit and went on to its wing” after landing to breathe some fresh air.

The woman accompanied by her two children from Turkey, where she went on holiday came to Kyiv, Ukraine.

As she was feeling ‘too hot’ after her plane landed opened an emergency exit on the Boeing 737-86N and climbed onto the wing ‘to get some air’. Her walk was so casual and relaxed that she looked least bothered to be out there on the wing.

The entire incident was caught in the camera and uploaded on YouTube.

The pilot had to call the police and ambulance after they got hold of the woman.

After the incident Ukraine International Airlines said that the woman has been “blacklisted”.

“The passenger was blacklisted for gross violation of aviation safety rules and behaviour on board,” UIA said, according to The Sun. The airline has also demanded that the woman be made to pay a high fine.

Tests revealed that she was not drunk or under the influence of drugs.