Woman ‘mistakenly’ purchased drugs worth $663,500 using bitcoins on dark web

Cryptocurrency is very popular now and is used for all kinds of online transactions.

Talking about on transaction, a woman disclosed how she had by mistake spent her Bitcoin fortune on the dark web to purchase drugs.

Jia Tolentino a staff writer for New Yorker and a published author, revealed her own Bitcoin horror story when appearing on the Reply All tech podcast in 2018.

She contacted the show as she remembered buying around $80 worth of Bitcoin in 2012 while exploring the Dark Web but wasn’t sure what had happened to her stash after changing laptops.

“Jia says that she bought about 80 bucks worth of bitcoin for this drug purchase, and she knows that there was bitcoin left over,” said host Alex Goldman.

“But, in the 6 years since the original purchase, she has totally forgotten what happened to the bitcoin.”

Today the 17.5 coins she purchased at the time are now worth $6,63,500.25.

Thinking she could be sitting on a small fortune, the Super Tech Support team on the show put their heads together to try and track down her missing riches, which was worth around £200,000 at the time.

However, what they found was she had spent nearly all of her Bitcoin buying drugs on Dark Web marketplace Silk Road.

She had hoped to find she had some of the money left as she recalled buying the Bitcoin to purchase weed and MDMA – but she did not know what happened to the leftovers.

It turns out all she had left was 0.00209 bitcoin, which is worth around £75.

“This really hurts to look at. This really hurts to look at. I really… wow,” Jia said on Reply All.

She added: “It’s so embarrassing. You know this is like my mom was always like, ‘Jia you shouldn’t do any drugs.’

“And I’m like, ‘Mom, my life is very on track’/ This is like the first time that I’ve been like yeah, you should stop doing drugs.”

When asked by the hosts if the drugs were good, she said: “They were fine. I actually think the weed was not that good, and I think the molly was molly so it was great.”