Woman miraculously survives 60 feet fall off Cornwall cliff during coastal walk

A woman miraculously survived a 60 feet fall off a cliff after slipping during a coastal walk and fractured her spine.

Rebekah Crawford, 37, was enjoying a family walk in June last year when she plummeted from a cliff near Lamorna Cove in Cornwall, England.

She had been walking along a narrow bit of path on the cliffs when her left ankle twisted and she fell down with nothing to stop her tumbling off the edge.

“My head hit this slab of rock and the noise and the pain. I’ve just never felt anything like it. It went through my whole body,” Rebekah said.

“I didn’t realise at that point that I’d actually fallen 56ft down the cliff. I remember that awful feeling of falling and there was nothing underneath.”

“I was trying to claw at the grass. I remember hearing my sister scream.”

Her sister Debs said: ‘It’s like something you see in the movies – a body just free falling bouncing off rocks as she went.

‘And I remember looking over the cliff and thinking, “oh my God my sister’s dead”.’

Her family called emergency services and Cornwall Air Ambulance was tasked to resolve the incident.

The steep cliffs and loose terrain meant the helicopter had to land on a headland some distance away with critical care paramedics Pete Storer and Jeremy Griffiths making the rest of the journey on foot with all their medical equipment.

They were joined by a doctor from The British Association for Immediate Care and the Land’s End Coastguard Rescue Team.

The crew secured Rebekah and their equipment safely to the cliff while they waited for the search and rescue helicopter.

The coastguard helicopter crew winched Rebekah from the scene and transferred her to Royal Cornwall Hospital where she had a CT scan – revealing a head injury but no bleeding.

She suffered six lumbar fractures but was fortunate not to need surgery.