Woman marries herself to promote self love and defy societal expectations

An Australian woman married herself in a wedding ceremony.

Patricia Christine, a teacher who hails from Sydney in Australia, was under psychological pressure created by the society to get married before turning 30.

Eight years ago, she had called off her engagement with her ex-partner.

In May 2020, she decided to defy society’s norms and got married to herself in a private ceremony attended by her closest friends.

In the “self-commitment ceremony” Patricia purchased herself a wedding ring, flowers, and a bohemian wedding dress. It all cost her $68, the Mirror reported. The ceremony lasted only for 30 minutes.

At the unique ceremony, Patricia put forward her views on self-love. She is reportedly hoping that her act of marrying herself will motivate other young women to accept themselves, regardless of their relationship status.

She said that she always wanted to “defy societal expectations” and show women that they have the most important relationship with themselves.

“We search our whole lives to make a huge declaration to another but we don’t do it for ourselves first,” she said according to the Mirror.

Following the wedding, Patricia and nine of her friends had a celebration with a picnic in the park.

Even though Patricia is committed to herself, she is still open to the idea of meeting a partner in future. She said that for the time being she is focusing on herself that will make her a better partner.