Woman loses 20 years of memories after contracting cold from her son

A woman in the United Kingdom lost 20 years of memory after developing an inflammation in her brain due to a runny nose, sore throat and congestion.

Claire Muffett-Reece, 43, caught a cold from her son Max last year
on Father’s Day. After going to the bed early, Claire was found conscious the next morning following which her husband Scott took her to the hospital.

Claire was put on a ventilator after experiencing seizures but when her condition deteriorated, she was taken to another hospital.

Later after a few tests, the neurologists informed them that Claire’s brain had swollen due to encephalitis. The doctors said that her condition was likely caused by a virus that she contracted.

Although Claire was taken off life support after spending 16 nights, the trouble began when she failed to remember events of the past 20 years. She claimed asking her husband about their cats who had been put to sleep years ago.

Reportedly, Claire could not even recall giving birth to her kids and even their birthdays, or holidays they spent together. She could not even remember her wedding day.

Explaining Claire’s condition, the neurologist claimed that memory loss is a common side effect of encephalitis. He further said that there was no guarantee if Claire would ever be able to get back the memories she lost.