Woman jumps into freezing river water to rescue Belgian Shepherd that was made to drown by owner

A heroic woman jumped into a freezing river to rescue Bella the dog when she saw the owner had tied the Belgian Shepherd to a rock and thrown her in.

Passerby, Jane Harper, bravely leapt into the water in Farndon, Nottinghamshire to help the dog which had a carrier bag with the rock in attached to its leash.

Harper was out walking on in January afternoon when her friend told her she could see the head of a dog bobbing in the water.

With no thought to her own safety, Jane, dived into the river and tried to lift the dog out.

Nottinghamshire Police took the dog to a local vet where she received care and is now in good health.

Charlene Latham, 31, of Newark, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on November 23 and admitted attempting to drown a dog.

Latham pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal namely Bella the shepherd dog, by an act, namely by attempting to drown the dog resulting in the animal being immersed in the cold water of the River Trent for a prolonged period, and that she knew, or ought to have known, that the act would have that effect or be likely to do so.

Latham was was released on bail until her next court appearance in March 2021.