Woman hit with $110 on-the-spot fine for dropping a cigarette in the street

A woman has been hit with an $110 on-the-spot fine after dropping a cigarette on a street in the United Kingdom. Macey Megson, 21, discarded the butt outside a shopping centre in Hull, East Yorkshire.

She was challenged by an enforcement officer and offered to pick up it up. But she was left distraught after her offer was refused and she was issued an on the spot fixed penalty notice as she walked into St Stephens Shopping Centre.

Macey told the Hull Daily Mail: “I did drop my cigarette and accidentally burnt my hand.

“I’m not usually one for littering but I did make a mistake, the woman came after me and my group of friends and asked us ‘which one of you was smoking?’

She added: “She told me she’d seen me drop a cigarette on my way into the centre

“So I said I was sorry and offered to go and pick it up and put it in the bin, she just said it was too late for that.”

An enforcement officer slapped Macey with a £80 fine for dropping the cigarette if she pays within 10 days. If she fails to pay within this timeframe she could be summoned to court.

Local councils are in charge of issuing fixed penalty notices for littering and set the level of the fine. Offenders can be fined up to $3,500 if their case is brought to a magistrates’ court.

Macey feels her fine is unfair and claims not getting a chance to clear up her litter suggests it is just a money making scheme.