Woman gives birth while on ventilator in coma due to Covid-19 complications, meets newborn after three weeks

A woman who fell gravely ill with coronavirus and was placed on a ventilator woke up three weeks later to learn that she had given birth to a ‘miracle’ baby boy.

Emily Brown, 30, from Tennessee, United States was 31 weeks pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital on September 18 after complaining that she couldn’t breathe due to complications from COVID-19.

Two days later doctors put Brown in a medically-induced coma and attached her to a ventilator, where she remained for 20 days.

As the mother fought for her life she welcomed a new one, as her son Tucker was delivered via C-section on September 24.

Brown said she had no idea that she had given birth when she woke up from the coma on October 10.

‘I thought I had only been at the hospital for two days and I was actually in the hospital for 32 days,’ she said.

She said she contracted COVID-19 shortly after her husband and her mother fell ill with the disease, but her bout was much more severe, resulting in a collapsed lung that required a tracheotomy.

Her condition deteriorated rapidly when she was in the hospital, at one point leading doctors to warn her family that she may not ever get to meet her baby.

The first few weeks of her son’s life were challenging as well, as he had to be kept in the intensive care unit for a month and a half because he was born so early.

Brown was cleared of COVID-19 symptoms and discharged on October 20 but her baby was discharged a month later, this week.