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Woman finds out after 26 years that she was raised by her ‘kidnappers’

What happens when you wake up one day and get to know that the people you were living with weren’t your parents but you’re kidnappers. A woman recently discovered that she was a missing person for 26 years.

The woman shared a TikTok video captioned, “How I learned I had been kidnapped,” in which she explains that she discovered that her parents were not her biological mom-dad and now she has been trying to find more about her real family.

“I assumed that the fastest way to track my biological mother down would be to seek out a criminal record for her,” she said.

In a bid to find her biological mother, she reached out to the police department of the city she was born in. The police sheriff there was intrigued by her story and listened to everything she had to tell. After the conversation, the Sheriff found the woman was a missing person according to records.

Her biological grandmother filed a missing complaint about her, unaware of what had happened.The woman’s biological mother too said that her daughter had been kidnapped.

However, she later learned that her biological mother had sold her to the family she grew up with, who she now describes as ‘kidnappers’.

While the woman’s family from her mother’s side believed that she was kidnapped, the ‘kidnapper’ family she was living with knew that they saved her from a ‘crazy mother’.

The woman added that the couple she lived with raised her for 10 years of her life. And when they got divorced, the couple told her that she was not their biological child. Her ‘kidnapper’ mom said that she had nothing to do with her now and she will be living with her ‘dad’ for the rest of her life.

However, she decided to run away and has not contacted the ‘kidnappers’ ever since.

The woman recently tracked down and met her biological parents.