Woman finds metal rod McDonald’s burger

A woman from Australia’s Sydney had a harrowing experience when she went to have a meal at McDonald’s. Ada Teaupa found a small metal rod in her chicken and cheese burger that she ordered from the popular fast food chain.

The woman narrated her ordeal through a Facebook post. She wrote that the burger almost broke her tooth.

Teaupa posted pictures of the burger and metal rod and wrote, “Look what I found in the chicken & cheese!! Nearly broke my tooth!!!! My 3 year old niece ordered a chicken & cheese as well and thank god I didn’t give it to her yet!”

Teaupa had a narrow escape but things could have gotten worse. She spoke to web portal and said she offered the burger to her niece but she said she wasn’t hungry.

As soon Teaupa bit into the burger, her tooth pained. “I felt my tooth bite into something hard and thought oh no this is glass,” she added.

She then went to the manager of the McDonald’s store and told him about the incident. He apologized and refunded her money. He also offered to replace her burger, but by then Teaupa was in no mood to eat.

A spokesman from McDonald’s said the company was disappointed that such an incident took place and an investigation is being conducted into the matter.

“We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying by

Social media users were shocked by the incident. One of them wrote: “Omg it’s a good thing you found it first.”
Another user asked if she had reprimanded the staff at the outlet.

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