Woman falls 30 feet down a steep cliff while trying to rescue a puppy

A Denver woman fell 30 feet down a steep cliff while trying to rescue a friend’s puppy, suffering minor injuries.

The woman had gone for hiking with friends where a three-month-old dog fell 15 feet down from a cliff. The woman, 25, and her friends found that the dog named Blue had got stuck in a narrow chute at Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, Colorado.

She rushed to the dog to help it and in her attempt to save the pet, the woman lost her balance and tumbled down the cliffside. When she ran to the dog to rescue it, her friends reached a point below the narrow chute to save the dog in case it fell.

While falling from the cliff, the woman accidently dragged a friend standing below the narrow chute. She tumbled at least 30 feet before inadvertently taking along her friend. The two together slipped another 20 feet.

Luckily, they sustained only minor injuries. They were rushed to a hospital where they underwent treatment for bruises.

Meanwhile, emergency crews saved the dog using a rope and harness and handed it over to its owner.