Insane Social Media Reactions

Woman earns more than £700 a month by chewing gum, blowing bubbles

30-year-old Julia Forat is making more than £700 a month with rare talent of blowing giant bubbles of chewing gum which has made her quite popular on social media.

The German woman, who at one time, chews up to 30 chewing gums and blows bubbles twice the size of her head, clicks pictures of her while blowing these bubbles and sells them to strangers.

For this “business” that she has opened on social media, her investment amounts to roughly £5 a month. She uses this amount to buy large quantities of chewing gum.

Julia forayed into bubble-blowing after one of her friends, “as a joke,” told her that she can sell clips and images of her chewing gum and blowing bubbles.

“It started out as a bit of fun but I did some research and realised it was real after I found online communities dedicated to it. The rest was history,” she said.

She started sharing her content on My.Club and soon started gaining a niche audience.

“My fans are happy that I am able to supply them with the content they want and sometimes cannot find elsewhere,” she said.

She stated that she receives requests for customised content that can differ in bubble sizes, Julia’s outfit, and camera angles.

Julia earns a substantial amount of money but prefers keeping this as a side-hustle. She primarily works in marketing. In addition, she has a degree in architecture and civil engineering. She uses the extra cash to treat herself more often.