Woman driving car with bees swarming inside takes the internet by storm

A picture of a car filled with bees being driven by a woman has taken the internet by storm.

The picture from the United States’ Alabama state shows a woman driving a Toyota Prius with a beekeeper’s nest in her backseat. Strangely, the windows of the car filled with the swarm of bees appear to be closed.

The image shared by Jocelyn Jordan on Facebook was captured in Daphne on March 19.

The picture appears to reveal a wooden hive on the car’s back seat, with bees filling the vehicle’s interior and windows. However, the driver seemed to be absolutely unperturbed by the creatures. Metro UK reported that the woman was having a conversation over her phone as well while countless bees buzzed all around her.

Jordan was perplexed, to say the least, saying that she “almost ran off the road” at the sight of the car filled with bees. She added that she can understand that the hives had to be transported, but there is a way to keep the bees contained.

Woman in the picture came forward to clear the air

“I am the crazy lady with the bees,” Rachel Gomes, who works at local Southern Bee Biz said.

“Unfortunately I had a driver slam on brakes to make a turn without signalling about a block or two up the road. That’s when the plug for the hive came undone when I had to sharply press the breaks,” Gomes explained how the mishap happened.