Woman burns banknotes while trying to disinfect them

Deeply scared of the coronavirus, people are taking extra steps to disinfect all the possible things that might spread the virus.

In a bizarre incident a Chinese woman burnt the banknotes in the process of disinfecting them.

Popularly known as ‘Aunt Li’, the woman is a resident of Jiangyin City in the southern Jiangsu province of China. She put more than £300 worth of bank notes in a microwave to kill of all the possible microbes on it.

She was concerned about the fact that these banknotes may have touched various hands, including those who are infected with the virus.

However, within one minute, the notes started to burn and turned black. She took the charred notes to a nearby China CITIC Bank branch, where she was told that the notes can’t be retrieved, reported Sina Finance.

However, the bank was able to refund a little amount. A spokesperson for China CITIC Bank told Sina Finance that all the cash drawn from financial institutions was “clean money” as the banks have taken necessary measures.

Last month, China’s central bank clarified in a press conference that the banks have used ultraviolet light to disinfect currency.