Woman and her friend break legs on water slide after sneaking into closed park at 2:00am

A woman and her friend broke their legs after sneaking into a water park at 2:00am during a drunken night out in the United Kingdom.

Claire Vickers, 46, and friend Barry Douglas, 44, were stuck in a water slide flume for two hours with fractured shins and shattered feet before they were rescued.

The pair had snuck into Aldershot Lido water park early August.

The drunken duo splashed water down the slide from the top in a bid to generate lubrication and speed before stepping into the side.

But their drunken ride soon became a nightmare when they slammed into a barrier towards the bottom.

Their legs collided with the barrier blocking the exit, shattering their feet and fracturing one’s shin.

Vickers described the incident as “like a scene out of the horror film Saw”.

The pair were slamming the slide for hours in a bid to attract attention for help.

Douglas ended up with both ankles shattered, and said his foot was “hanging off”.

At 3.46am, they saw the torches of three Hampshire Constabulary officers who received a call from concerned residents who thought kids had broken into the pool.

They called for paramedics who lifted them over the side of the slide and into an ambulance.

Vickers remained in hospital for two-and-a-half weeks recovering after having a metal rod bound to her shin and plates inserted in her foot.

She won’t be able to walk for another six weeks.

No police action was taken against the pair.