Woman accidentally finds two needles embedded in her brain

A 29-year-old woman in China was shocked to find two needles lodged deep in her brain.

The woman recently met with a car accident. Post the incident,  she was advised to get some CT scans of her brain. The process was to simply ensure there were no internal injuries.

However, the doctors were shocked to discover two fairly large needles embedded deep inside her brain.

Surprisingly, there were no injuries that could be related to the accident itself. The bizarre revelation of the two five-centimetre-long needle-shaped metal objects stuck in the woman’s skull didn’t seem like the accident’s result. These metal needles were about 4.9 millimetres in width.

Zhu, a resident of Zhengzhou in Henan Province of China, had no explanation for the needles.

According to her, she never had any surgery on her head that would explain the presence of these needles. Neither did she remember ever feeling unwell or having any unexplained headaches.

The doctors were left to their own devices to make speculations. They believed they might have been inserted there early in her childhood. Whether by accident or deliberately, they could not say. As they judged by the diameter of the needles, it wouldn’t be possible to pierce through a fully developed skull. A child’s skull was a more likely explanation. It would also account for her not remembering.

As to why she never experienced the pain, doctors had a pretty credible theory. According to the experts handling her case, the needles were thin and not embedded in any important ‘function area’ of the skull. They weren’t touching any active areas and hence she never felt them. Zhu has been advised by the doctors to have the foreign bodies removed from her skull.

Zhu’s parents also didn’t have any explanation for these needles. Zhu was actually adopted by her during her travels. She admitted to finding two black spots on her head at the time of adoption.