With 107 new cases, Japan reports highest coronavirus rise in two months

Japan has reported at least 107 coronavirus cases in Tokyo on Thursday, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials said.

This is the first time in two months, since May 2 that the cases topped 100.

Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga said that no state of emergency would be introduced.

“We’ll continue to pay attention to the infection situation in the area with a sense of urgency, and work to both prevent spreading of infection and support economic activity,” he said.

Japan lifted the state of emergency only on May 25.

Tokyo, home to nearly 14 million people reported an average of about 25 cases daily since the emergency was lifted.

About 70 percent of the infections reported on Thursday were in the age group between 20-40.

Japan has reported about 19,000 virus infections and 976 deaths since the outbreak began.

Globally the virus has claimed over 10.7 million cases with over 516,000 deaths.