Winery dog delivers wine to customers in quarantine

A winery in Maryland, USA has found the most innovative and adorable way to deliver wine while following all the protocols of social-distancing.

11-year-old dog, Soda is helping its humans, the owners of Stone House Urban Winery, with delivering the wines to customers standing in parking lots. With almost everyone in lockdown and people following the protocols of social-distancing and staying in quarantine, this seems to be a great way to deliver goods.

The Facebook page of the winery shared video and pictures of Soda delivering the wine.

The first video was shared with the caption, “Our first curbside customer! We may have to work on Sodas technique but he got the job done. Come on in to the Stone House and let him deliver wine to you as well. Today’s hours 12:00 – 6:00 pm. Future hours to be determined.”

Soda has a special saddlebag customised for him in which can carry up to two wine bottles at one time. Soda goes out and delivers wine to customers who are happy to see the pound while maintaining social distance from other humans.

Seems like the friendly dog is also happy to deliver the goods.