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Wild bison to be introduced in UK countryside to ‘rewild’ Britain and slow global warming

Wild bison will be released into the Kent countryside as part of a £1.2million project to ‘rewild’ Britain and help slow global warming.

The huge beasts, which weigh up to a ton, have been extinct in this country for 6,000 years.

Now it is hoped the European bison will help to revitalise ancient woodland and create an ‘explosion of biodiversity’.

Initially, one male and three female bison are being introduced. It is hoped they will breed over time to create a herd.

The European bison are a close relative of the type that once roamed the UK, the extinct steppe bison. They are slightly larger than the American bison, but less heavy and aggressive.

The animals are known as ‘eco-system engineers’, creating muddy ponds, pushing down trees and disturbing the soil to help plants and other animals thrive.

They will be released into a large fenced off enclosure near Canterbury.