Wife’s cockroach phobia makes couple shift 18 homes in 3 years; husband now seeks divorce

A Indian couple who changed 18 houses in the past three years due the wife’s crippling fear of cockroaches may end in a divorce.

The couple are from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal city. The husband claims he had no idea about his wife’s phobia before he married her. But soon after the wedding in 2017, the woman revealed her condition when she saw a cockroach in the kitchen and screamed her lungs out, thereby refusing to enter the kitchen again and insisting they move.

The couple moved homes for the first time in 2018 and then kept on shifting homes one after the other for the next three years. After moving 18 homes, the man now wants to file for divorce as he is tired of moving to new houses.

The man tried to get his wife tested at several psychiatric institutes and professionals including one at AIIMS. The woman, however, refused to follow her medication course and has instead accused the husband of trying to baselessly declare her a mental health patient.

The matter was even taken to the men’s rights organisation BHAI Welfare Society for counseling but could not resolve the issue.

The fear of cockroaches is referred to as Katsaridaphobia and can be debilitating for persons suffering from it. Zoophobias like Katsaridaphobia are usually treated using cognitive behavior therapy through either the ‘Gradual Desentisation’ method or the Exposure method.