Wife seeks divorce from husband after he turned escort following job loss during Covid lockdown

A 24-year-old woman in the Indian city of Bangalore sought divorce from her husband of two years after marriage because her husband started working as a commercial sex worker after losing his job during the lockdown.

To earn a living, the 27-year-old man signed up to be a male escort and hid this from her.

The couple underwent counselling but the duo could not settle their issues and are now headed for a mutually-consented divorce, reports claim.

The couple had met each other in 2017 at their office canteen and soon started dating. After two years, the duo decided to get married in 2019 and rented a house in the city. But owing to the lockdown due to coronavirus, the man lost his job last year and started looking for other work opportunities.

After a few months, the woman felt her husband was hiding something from her and was on the phone and his laptop for long periods of time. He also reportedly used to go to different places and refused to speak in detail about them to his wife.

Being suspicious after a considerable amount of time, the woman then took the help of her brother to crack open the passwords on her husband’s laptop and found pictures of him with other women, that was when she confronted him.

The wife then approached a helpline where the duo were made to appear before a consultation expert where the husband admitted to his new and secret profession. But he said he also loves his wife and didn’t want to separate from her and thus promised to stop being a commercial sex worker.

The woman, however refused to budge despite being counselled and the couple then filed a mutually-consented divorce petition in the court.