Wife FORCES husband to sell PS5 after she found out that it was not an AIR PURIFIER

A Taiwanese man was lucky to purchase a new Sony PlayStation 5 console at a discounted rate just while the world is fighting hard to get their hands on the next-gen console.

Jin Wu, the buyer in a detailed Instagram post said the first buyer had picked up the Sony PlayStation 5 and essentially fooled his wife into thinking it was an air purifier.

The PS5’s design is quite unconventional and looks quite similar to a few ‘fancy’ air purifiers in the market, given the size of the product as well as the colour.

The first buyer thought his wife won’t notice the white and black gaming console. But she was suspicious of the purchase from the very beginning.

In the Instagram post Jin Wu wrote:

“Yesterday, I went to buy PS5 in person. A middle-aged man arrived to sell the console.

“I asked, “Where did you buy this one?”

“He said,”Pchome”

“You reserved the booking, did you order two? Why do you want to sell it?”

“He was silent for two seconds and then said: “My wife wants to sell…”

“She got to know the difference between PS5 and air filter”.

Seems like Jin Wu got a fairly nice deal at a time when it is extremely hard to find a PlayStation 5 console all around the world.

The release of PS 5 has seen unprecedented demand and Sony had earlier revealed that it witnessed its “biggest console launch ever” with PS 5 and it will be adding more PlayStation 5 inventory for retailers before the end of the year.